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About Us

About Vor Bio

Our team of experts in HSC biology, genome engineering, cancer immunology, manufacturing, and clinical development are driving towards a new solution to treating blood cancers.

Vision, Mission, and Values

We are on a mission to cure blood cancers with cross-functional teams moving quickly and collaboratively on cutting-edge concepts.

Our People

With a shared sense of mission, cross-functional teams at Vor Bio move quickly on cutting-edge concepts, encouraging collaboration at every level and building each team member’s skill set across disciplines.


Vor Bio’s leadership is a world-class team who work openly and collaboratively to advance our mission. 

Board of Directors

Our Board members offer expert global biopharma experience and perspectives.

Scientific & Clinical Advisors

Vor Bio’s advisors provide deep scientific and clinical insights.

Founding Story

Vor Bio was founded on an inspired idea by Pulitzer prize winning author, Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee.