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Putting our science into action

We are working to bring our approach and the possibility of a cure to patients with high-risk Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a disease that carries a poor prognosis even with aggressive therapies including Hematopoietic Cell Transplant (HCT), the current standard of care that has seen no significant change in decades.

Our research programs



VCAR33ALLO is manufactured from lymphocytes collected from the patient’s original transplant donor, generating a CAR-T cell therapy that is exactly matched to the recipient’s engrafted blood system.


Trem-cel (tremtelectogene empogeditemcel) is a shielded transplant in development for patients with AML, in which healthy transplant donor cells are genetically engineered by removing CD33, with the potential to enable targeted therapies such as Mylotarg and CD33-targeted CAR-T therapy post-transplant, while avoiding on-target toxicities.

Treatment systems

TREM-CEL + VCAR33 treatment system

Trem-cel + VCAR33 Treatment System is a novel and comprehensive approach that has the potential to transform clinical outcomes and establish a new standard of care for patients suffering with AML.

CD33-CLL1 Multiplex treatment system

This Treatment System would remove multiple surface targets in eHSCs and use a multi-specific CAR-T.

Discovery platform

We are conducting ongoing discovery efforts in commonly transplanted hematologic malignancies.


We operate an in-house clinical manufacturing facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts to support development of our shielded transplants and CAR-T therapeutic candidates for patients with blood cancers.